Surveillance Does!

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So, I was bored and in need of a laugh so I crafted this Gentlemen Broncos inspired sign to hang up around our friend’s house.


Download PDF:  Surveillance Does Tear Off

If you haven’t seen the movie & you have a weird sense of humor, I highly recommend it.  If you like Napoleon Dynamite, this is by the same folks.  It’s odd and entertaining and I don’t want to give too much away, but it follows a science fiction writer who goes away to a weekend writer’s camp.  My favorite character by far is Dr. Ronald Chevalier.   If you’ve got some time to kill, give it a try.

The Flu & Don Knotts

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When I started this blog last month I had intentions of posting several times a week and then the flu hit.  After almost three weeks I think I’m finally turning the corner with it, just in time for my spring allergies to flare up!  After far too long of not feeling like doing anything, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Here’s a list of projects I’ll be working on soon:

  1. Harry Potter Style Moving Photo
  2. Fun Spring Wreath
  3. Desk Makeover
  4. All-in-One Cake recipe from Domino Sugar
  5. Finishing up our Stock Tank Pond
  6. Backyard Makeover
  7. Backyard Movie Night

Now that we’ve got that settled, on to my random dream.  I woke up this morning at 3 a.m., completely terrified with my heart racing, after dreaming that Don Knotts was haunting my house.  Yep,  Don Knotts from the Andy Griffith Show & The Ghost & Mr. Chicken (TG&MC).  How could anyone be terrified of Don Knotts?   I don’t know.

Unlike TG&MC there was no spooky organ music, no creepy cobwebs and no awesome secret passageways. He started out haunting my non-existent garden.  He was invisible, but somehow I knew it was him.  I kept walking through the garden with my arms stretched out trying to figure out where he was exactly – I don’t know if I was feeling for “cold spots” or what.  This seemed to annoy him so he moved into the house where he started to hover around my dog.  At this point he was visible and my dog was not amused.  Right about then I got ticked off because I realized that I was late for work and I couldn’t get past Mr. Knotts & my cocker spaniel to get my laptop bag.  I tried ignoring him for awhile to see if he would go away and when that didn’t work I tried to go out and reason with him and that is when I woke up terrified.

I have no idea how Don Knotts got into my subconscious or what this dream could symbolize so I turned to Google for a little help.  According to dreaming of being haunted indicates early traumas or repressed feelings, dreaming of gardens symbolizes the need to cultivate a new skill and dreaming of work could indicate the need for a vacation.  So, I guess Don Knotts is trying to tell my traumatized self that I need to take a vacation and finally learn how to garden and get my yard in order? Hmmm . . .



Come on Spring!

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I usually love winter & snow but this year I can’t wait until spring!  I’m looking forward to getting our koi pond up and running again.  Last spring we made a pond using an 800 gallon stock tank. This spring we will be putting on some finishing touches and will start landscaping around the pond.

Here are some photos of our Koi moving into the new pond last summer:


Totoro Terrarium – Say that 3 Times Fast!

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A few months ago I stumbled across a Totoro Terrarium on Pinterest and decided that I had to have one for my office.  Since then I have been looking for the perfect Totoro to inhabit the mini desktop forest I was envisioning.

My search was going nowhere until last week when I saw that my favorite local toy store (World of Mirth) had gotten in a shipment of Totoro goodness.  I couldn’t wait to get down there and check it out!  My husband, Philip, and I headed down there Saturday afternoon and I found the perfect figurine. (I also picked up a really cute fuzzy Totoro wallet.  I couldn’t resist!)

Totoro Terrarium Collage

Want to make your own?  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large glass container, wide openings work best
  • Activated Charcoal (You will only need this if you are making a closed terrarium.  You can get this at a nursery or pet supply store.)
  • Small rocks or gravel (I used aquarium gravel.)
  • Several small plants
  • Potting Soil – all purpose houseplant potting soil is fine.
  • Decorations

Decide what type of container you want to use for your terrarium.  Do you want to use an open or closed container?  If you are using a lid, keep in mind that you will want plants that can tolerate humidity.  If you are keeping an open top, you could even plant succulents.  I picked my container up at Wal-Mart for around $10.  You could also check out your local thrift stores or you could turn to the Internet to find something suitable.

When you are choosing your plants, remember to select plants that have the same needs as far as light, moisture & humidity.  Your local nursery can help you pick plants suitable for your project.  My local nursery (Great Big Greenhouse) has a nice selection of terrarium plants.  They also offer free classes on terrarium making, check their website for a schedule.

Once you have your container, plants and other supplies begin layering your terrarium.  If your terrarium will have a lid, start with a layer of activated charcoal on the bottom.  It will help keep things fresh.  You may want to pour the charcoal onto some paper towels before adding it to your container.  It can be dusty straight from the box.  Next, add at least a 1” layer of small gravel for drainage.  Now you are ready for your potting soil. Make sure your soil level is deep enough to entirely cover the roots of your plants.  Plant time! Plant taller plants towards the back and shorter ones toward the front.  Try to avoid placing your plants directly against the glass.

Now you are ready to add your decorations – small figurines or toys, rocks, bits of wood. Get creative! I think my next terrarium is going to be Star Wars themed – check out these great examples from Pinterest.

I have a terrarium – now what?

Taking care of your terrarium is easy.  Every couple of weeks check the soil for dryness and add water as needed.  Do not overwater!

You will want to avoid placing your terrarium in direct sunlight, if you do you could cook your plants.  Bright areas are fine as long as you avoid direct sunlight.

If your container is closed, remove the lid every couple of weeks to allow for air circulation.

Condensation will form on your container.  As a general rule, you want condensation on only one side of your container.  If your terrarium is closed and lots condensation has formed, remove the lid and give it a chance to dry out.

Periodically remove yellowing leaves and prune plants that have grown too large.

More information on terrarium care:

Water Marbling: Attempt 1.5

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I am a nail polish addict.  Admitting it is the first step, right?  Last summer I started seeing tutorials for water marbling pop up on Pinterest – if you aren’t familiar, check it out here.  My sister, Ashley, and I gave it a half-hearted attempt and it was a disaster.  I saw a few more pictures pop up on Pinterest last week and I had to try it again.  We watched a few tutorials and were confident we could get it right this time, and it actually sort of worked.



I say it sort of worked because all the nails on my right hand were totally different.  By the time we got to my left had we sort of knew what we were doing.  We had a hard time getting the nail polish to spread out on the water like it did in the tutorials we watched.  We seemed to have the best luck with cheap nail polish like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear,  but overall it was pretty hit and miss.  Sometimes the nail polish would form balls and sink to the bottom of the cup as you can seen in one of the pictures.  We also learned that you should NOT use foam cups.  The nail polish spread out better for some reason, but part way through the nail polish that sank to the bottom caused holes to form in the cup and water got EVERYWHERE.

I got tons of compliments on my nails this week.  I was at the grocery store and had three people ask to look at them.  I think we will give it another shot soon!

Pizza Dome: Best Kitchen Gadget Ever!

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My husband and I hosted a small Super Bowl party over the weekend and decided to break out the Pizza Dome.  We picked the dome up a couple of years ago and it’s so much fun to use.  It really is like a party in a (large) box.  Be warned this thing takes up more space than the average kitchen gadget, but I promise it’s worth it.

We always make up a few batches of homemade pizza dough (more on that later), make a batch of sauce and pick up big bags of pepperoni and cheese at Sam’s Club. Sometimes, we ask our friends to bring a topping or two to share.   It’s always fun to see what everyone brings and what type of pizzas they come up with.


For Super Bowl Sunday I made my dough from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  Here’s a link to the original post from   I followed her recipe to the letter and made enough dough for 2 pizzas.  It turned out great and I will definitely be using her recipe again in the near future.  After the dough was finished my husband rolled it out and cut it to size with the dough cutter that comes with the Pizza Dome.   I chopped up an onion, a green pepper and defrosted some frozen spinach.  We also had some leftover ham and bacon that we diced up.  Another great thing is it doesn’t take a lot of any one ingredient since you are making personal sized pizzas.

A side note – if you like white pizza you can mix up some olive oil, a little finely chopped garlic and some Italian seasoning to use as a base.  I’m not a measuring kind of girl but next time I make it I will try to remember to jot down amounts.

Anyway, once you have all your toppings assembled and your pizza dome is plugged in and ready to go, pass out the spatulas that come with the Pizza Dome and let your pizza making begin!  We have found it helpful to spray the spatulas with a little non-stick spray before each pizza.   Once you are done assembling just slide your pizza into one of the six windows and watch the magic happen.  It’s fun to see the dough rise and the cheese melt while listening to your toppings sizzle.

Our friends have gotten creative and some have  fashioned deep dish mini pizzas, or even tiny calzones.  We have also made dessert pizzas with a little butter, apple pie spice and apple pie filling placed on top of the pizza dough.  We have also baked off squares of store-bought cookie dough. It works, but takes a little patience.